Selected as a member of the 'Greeners League 2030'

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We were selected as a member of the 'Greeners League 2030,' organized by NIGT (National Institute of Green Technology)and participated in the launch ceremony on July 20th.


The 'Greeners League 2030' is an alliance launched by NIGT to support climate tech startups to enter overseas market and develop export sales and aims to create a mutually beneficial and friendly network among climate tech companies with the goal of achieving the National Greenhouse Gas Reduction Target (NDC 2030).


The launchceremony was attended by ten climate tech companies, including INGINE, GREENers, GREENEPLE, ENVELOPS, Nuvilab, Eldicarbon, SOLARTEC, Shinhan A-Tec, and SDKLAB which were selected after evaluations by experts in various fields such as venture capital, ESG, and startup consulting.


INGINE became a member of the 'Greeners League 2030' to actively participate in domestic and international ODA (Official Development Assistance) projects to provide affordable and sustainable energy systems to areas with weak power supply through the development of unique wave power generation technology and energy storage device.



“We will support the transfer of green technologies to developing countries through technology-finance linkages with domestic and foreign ODA projects and Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs),” said Song Jae-ryung, director of the Center for External Policy Cooperation at NIGT. He then added that "In terms of developed country orientation, we will encourage participation in various European R&D programs to serve as a bridgehead for the birth of a 'Korean climate tech unicorn.'.”