INWave is INGINE’s original wave power generation technology.
It can be installed onshore through multi-directional energy harvesting technology.
We are currently further developing this technology so that it can have a competitive edge
not only in coastal waters but also onshore and in deep waters.

Highly Cost-effective Coastal Installation

The shallow waters of coastal areas act as breakwaters, weakening the strong waves coming from the open sea.
(Waters less than 10 meters deep will convert large waves from the open sea into small- and medium-sized waves.)
In addition, INWave has a significantly lower operating cost than other technologies. Since the main facilities are installed ashore,
it does not require submarine transmission cables and most of the maintenance work can be performed on land.

Onshore Wave Energy
Onshore Wave Energy
Onshore INWave™
Onshore INWave™

A Unique Technology Highly effective in Shallow Waters

INGINE uses its own multi-directional energy harvesting technology to absorb the full range of energy that is released
by waves in all directions, therefore effectively converting energy even in shallow waters.

Uni-Directional Energy Harvesting Technology
Uni-Directional Energy Harvesting Technology
INGINE's Multi-Directional Energy Harvesting Technology
INGINE's Multi-Directional Energy Harvesting Technology

An Eco-Friendly technology
that coexists in harmony
with the ecosystem

INWave has a relatively low impact on the marine environment. 
Over time, the structures installed on the seafloor
along the coastline act as a haven for marine life,
proving that the installation is in perfect harmony with nature.

IP (Intellectual Property)

INGINE holds a number of high-quality patents in the marine energy sector.

Patent Application


Registered Patents


* Confirmed in July 2022