Real Sea Test Plant

Jeju Project

In 2015, after five years of research and demonstrations, INGINE was able to install a demonstration plant in
Bukchon, Jeju Island and connect it to the power grid.

This plant allowed us to perform many tests and
discover diverse variables that, in turn, helped us
improve our technology and skills.

Yuquot, CanadaYuquot, Canada

Yuquot, Canada

Project's Preliminary design supported by the federal government of Canada

Yuquot Project

We are participating in a project supported by
the federal government of Canada to supply electricity
to the Mowachaht/Muchalaht First Nations territory
(Yuquot and Vancouver Island).
We are currently developing the project’s preliminary design.



Commercial Demonstration Project for Wave Power

INGINE Commercial
Demonstration Project

We are currently in the process of selecting a location
to carry out a 50kW commercial and practical project centered on domestic islands and coastal areas.