INGINE concentrates all its business on seeking
sustainable energies, Environments, and ways of life
for the global community.

Wave Energy

INGINE is a global leader in cost-effective and stable onshore wave energy generation.
Onshore wave energy generation has proven to be a great replacement for diesel on islands and coastal regions.
We plan to further develop our technology to expand to offshore wind farms.

Solar Energy

Since its beginning in 2020, INGINE’s solar energy project has shown consistent sales growth
and has helped the company accumulate valuable know-how. Eventually, we plan to converge our wave power technology
with solar technology, taking a step further from floating solar power and entering the offshore solar power field,
and consequently making our own unique contribution to the field of solar energy.

Energy Storage

Energy storage systems are essential for the transition from fossil energy to renewable energy. 
INGINE is pushing forward this transition by supplying safe and economical cost-effective energy storage systems
that do not present any risk of fire.

System & Solution

The energy systems and solutions we supply are built based on the strong design expertise we have accumulated over the years.
We will pave the path to a clean planet by supplying essential facilities for wave power generation and ESS,
manufacturing secondary cell batteries, and developing solutions for waste battery resource recycling.