AwecellEnergy storage system
consisting of lead batteries ESS

We have developed an efficient ESS battery solution for renewable energy generation
that is both stable and cost-effective.

ESS, the key
to efficient renewable energy generation

Must be cost-effective, stable
(no fire risk) and have a long
lifespan (20+ years)

Development Goals of ESS Awecell for
Renewable Energy Generation

Combine a lead-acid battery ESS with a reviver battery module
to develop an ESS with the most competitive price and the longest
lifespan in the market.

효율적인 신재생에너지 발전에 반드시 필요한 ESS
  • We plan to install ESS monitoring and diagnostic analysis features on an Awecell battery
    that features a reviver module to create a cost-effective and stable ESS with smart functions.

REVIVER Lead-Acid Battery
Life Extender

We are miniaturizing the battery life extension solution of
energy systems and commercializing this in the industrial
and start-up battery market as ESS for electric vehicles.