Recognized as a Green Economic Activity Enterprise in FY2023 K-Taxonomy Compliance Assessment

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In the K-Taxonomy compliance assessment report conducted last April, Ingine Inc. was recognized as a green economic activity enterprise in terms of revenue, capital expenditure (CapEx), and operating expenses (OpEx) for FY2023.


Ingine Inc. categorized all its business activities into green economic activities, brown economic activities, and other economic activities, and calculated its financial performance according to the K-Taxonomy. The assessment revealed that out of 15 economic activities, six, including the company's main businesses of wave power generation and bio-renewable polyol manufacturing, as well as other services conducted in 2023, met all the criteria for recognition as green economic activities.

K-Taxonomy (Korean Green Classification System) was announced by the Korean government in December 2021 to prevent greenwashing and direct green funds to green projects or technologies by providing clear criteria for green economic activities. Through this compliance assessment, financial institutions and investors can identify a company's green economic activities and use this information to evaluate the green ratio of their financial and investment portfolios. K-Taxonomy is expected to effectively link investment and finance with green economic activities, contributing to the achievement of carbon neutrality and sustainable development goals.

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BNZ Partners, the author of this report, is a specialized institution founded in 2019 by experts in sustainability, environment, climate change policies, and financial services. The firm has recently participated in multiple phases of the government's K-Taxonomy formulation and revision processes.