The Top 10 winner of the 2021 Impact Collective Accelerator Program

2021.01.10Hit : 621

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We are pleased to announce that INGINE Inc. has been named the final Top 10 at Impact Collective 2021 a community-driven global accelerator program for impact-driven startups and co-hosted with UNDP and its Youth Co:Lab programme.

The 2021 program was launched last August and had received over 400 entries from 39 countries. As part of program, a Demo Day took place on November 8-10 and the 45 teams presented their final pitch to a group of investors, seasoned entrepreneurs, ecosystem builders, policymakers, and Community Voters from the Impact Collective Community.


The top 10 teams received a total of USD 500K from the Impact Collective fund to scale up their ground-breaking solutions and accelerate the achievement of SDGs in the region.


The top 10 companies with the most votes are:


INGINE (Korea) -  Develops wave energy solutions that can replace conventional, polluting sources of energy in remote islands and coastal areas

Mayani (Philippines) – Farm-to-table digital platform empowering the lives of smallholder farmers by directly connecting the community to consumers and retailers 

Moreloop (Moreloop) – Digital platform connecting fabric factories to collect and resell high-quality and re-processed industrial fashion waste

Onnow (Bangladesh) - Impact-driven internet restaurant platform that utilizes technology, virtual menu concepts, and digital branding to help small and medium-sized restaurants

Ooca (Thailand) - Telemental health platform available on mobile and web apps, that provides virtual counseling services by mental health professionals in Thailand

PillTech (Cambodia) - Online pharmaceutical marketplace where pharmacists can purchase medications in a safe and legal way

The Green Collective (Singapore) - Provides a Retail-as-a-Service (RaaS) model to sustainable D2C brands

CarbonClick (New Zealand) -  Provides technology solutions that enable businesses to measure, reduce and offset carbon footprints in a simple, and transparent way 

HandyMama (Bangladesh) - On-demand home service platform where users are connected to trained and verified service providers such as professional cleaners

Happy Grocers (Thailand) - D2C online marketplace and popup markets for sustainably grown agricultural products 


Click here to see Demo Day Clip>>