INWave Onshore, INGINE’s first WEC product model, can be easily installed
on land (e.g., breakwater barriers etc.), thereby ensuring durability, safety and affordability. 
In light of this, a small-scale power generation and distribution (micro-grid) for/on remote islands and coastal areas,
otherwise inaccessible to existing technologies, will be the first candidate.    

Coastal Waters Efficient Wave Power Generation Solution

Submarine Power Transmission System Free
Wave Power Generation Solution

High Stability and Scalability

Proof of Concept

Based on the results of five year long research and development, in late 2015
the INGINE commissioned a demonstration plant, which is connected to the local grid.
The plant is an operational prototype used for the purpose of demonstration and proof of mechanical concept.



INWave Onshore Type

Bukchon Demonstration Plant in Jeju

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