Coastal Waters Efficient Wave Power Generation Solution


Multi-DOF PTO (Multi Degree Of Freedom Power Take-Off), one of the INGINE’s core technological know-hows, extracts power from various wave motions.
This technology is specifically designed to make the most out of coastal waves and effectively overcome any existing disadvantages.


Multi-DOF Energy Recovery Technology

Most of existing WECs’ (Point Absorber types’) wave energy collection is limited to up-and-down wave motions whereas the INWave is designed to recover energy from the whole range of wave motions irrespective of direction.  This has become possible through the use of a greater number of ropes connected to the buoy.  We call it “Multi-Directional Energy Harvesting” technology.

Tide and Ebb Adjustment Mechanism

The length of the rope is carefully measured taking into account average water depth as well as difference between the lowest and highest tides.  By leaving extra length of the rope on the drum of the power converting unit, the rope is allowed to endure wave height variations as well as tides and ebbs without the need for any additional rope length adjustment mechanism.