Submarine Power Transmission System Free
Wave Power Generation Solution


In case the main power generating unit is installed on land (onshore) and connected directly to the local grid,
the high-cost submarine transmission cables are no longer needed.
This significantly reduces initial investment as well as maintenance costs thus making it economically viable for small scale power generation projects.


Conventional/Existing Technology

Conventional/existing wave power generation solutions are mainly centered on offshore installation of WECs with an aim of tapping into high waves power potential.  Such technologies require underwater cables for generated power transmission.

The rising financial burden attributed to high cost of underwater power transmission cabling, installation of heavy and bulky equipment able to withstand high waves as well as access constraints, all led to a decline in economic efficiency, which, in its turn, has become a major factor in delaying commercialization of wave power generation.

INGINE’s INWave Technology

The INWave Onshore does not require a separate submarine cable installation since the power is generated on land.

Furthermore, the overall durability and safety of equipment is improved because critical and expensive components, such as power converters, generators, and power control system, are all installed and securely protected onshore.

These features of the INWave Onshore allow for significantly lower initial investment and maintenance costs thus making the targeted small-scale power generation more economically feasible.